(Persatuan Keturunan Naicker Malaysia - Reg.No: PPM-014-10-09022013)
Malaysian Naicker
Malaysian Naicker

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Naicker Family Tour, New Delhi, India

Naicker Family Tour, Bali Indonesia

Welcome to our Malaysian Naicker Website "Myna Palace". Meet your Naicker Families here; 1. Balija Naicker 2. Boyar Naicker 3. Bhandari Naicker 4. Chetty Naicker 5. Gollavar Naicker 6. Kambalam Naicker 7. Kappu Naicker 8. Kammavar Naicker 9. Khatu Naicker 10. Khadal Naicker 11. Malli Naicker 12. Odhen Naicker 13. Pappi Naicker 14. Palaiyakkar Naicker 15. Sillayar Naicker 16. Telugu Naicker 17. Thori Naicker 18. Tholuvar Naicker 19. Thottai Naicker 20. Thokalavar Naicker 21. Uppliya Naicker 22. Vettalakara Naicker 23. Vanniyar Naicker 24. Vedan Naicker
Total 24 Naicker Title
(Please Advise Myna, if any other Naicker Title in Malaysia)

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Sri Periasamy Temple, Bt.13, Bagan Datuk, Perak
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